We apply render to the external walls of houses as a smooth or textured decor able surface. To produce Render you mix sand, cement and hydrated lime together with water and mortar plasticiser. Render is applied in two coats. The first coat is called the ‘scratch coat’ and the second is called the ‘top coat’. The scratch coat is left to settle and dry for 24 hours (depending on weather conditions). The top coat is then applied and ‘ruled off’ using a straight edge and gives a lovely flat appearance ready for painting when it is fully dry. To view rendering project Click Here

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Fully guaranteed for 15 years – Weather proofs walls – Prevents penetrating damp – Allows walls to breathe – Available in a range of colours and textures

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We specialise in all aspects of exterior wall maintenance, repairs and weatherproofing. If your home suffers from penetrative damp, cracked render, or broken brickwork 
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