Textured Wall Coatings covering Sunningdale

Who We Are

We are a small friendly professional company with over 20 years experience, based in Hertfordshire with a nationwide coverage including Sunningdale. Our friendly trained professional crew of house sprayers is willing to undertake work throughout the UK. We pride ourselves on our excellent quality of workmanship, customer service, and our attention to detail.

We use Andura textured wall coatings so there is no need to re-paint for 15 years. It will protect your home from the elements. Preventing penetrative damp and weatherproofing your exterior walls.

Andura allows walls to breathe and is available is a range of colours and textures, enhancing the appearance of your home.

A de-fungicide algae bacterial wash will be applied and all repairs listed below carried out before the textured coating is applied.

Andura are the largest manufacturers of long life textured coatings in Europe, with an excellent track record in large commercial projects and home improvements. Established in 1985, Andura manufacture a wide range of products for the protection and decoration of building surfaces. The coatings comprise of textured, smooth and clear coatings for walls, roof coatings and additional specialised products.

Pebble Dashing
Tyrolening Cracks grou
nd out and filled

Wall to Wall Services is a small company with low overheads; we aim to keep our overheads to a minimum to offer competitive prices to our customers. Larger Companies have higher overheads so they cannot offer as low a rate as Wall to Wall Services.Serving Sunningdale and surrounding areas

Wall to Wall Services is a small company with low overheads

Fully guaranteed for 15 years – Weather proofs walls – Prevents penetrating damp – Allows walls to breathe – Available in a range of colours and textures

Why pay more, when you can pay less with Wall To Wall Ltd Ltd Services our work is guaranteed for 15 years

We specialise in all aspects of exterior wall maintenance, repairs and weatherproofing. If your home suffers from penetrative damp, cracked render, or broken brickwork Wall To Wall Ltd Services is your solution. Our friendly trained specialist crew will leave your home maintenance free and a just decorated look which will last for years to come.

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